We are RDÉE TNL: Kyle Mooney

Hello! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself as Tourism Development Manager for Newfoundland and Labrador!

It was my appetite for travel that led me to leave Newfoundland at the age of 17. Of the 12 years that I spent on the mainland (any place that isn’t on the island of Newfoundland), two were spent in my beloved Quebec City, two in France, four in Toronto and four in Montreal. I completed two Bachelor’s degrees – one in Sociology and French and the other in Translation. I worked as a tour guide, a train stewart, a customer service representative and a host of other titles. After more than a decade, most of which was spent in bustling metropolises, I was ready to flee the urban jungle and reconnect with my island roots.

Having lived in ultra-modern cities and visited 25 countries on five continents, I see my home province with new eyes. There is far more ethnic, linguistic and gastronomic diversity than ever before. But although I appreciate its cosmopolitan flair immensely, what I love about my hometown is the lack of amenities it boasts: endless coastal trails, countless breathtaking vistas, lakes and rivers within a few minutes’ walk. As a child, I cursed my hometown because it had so few modern amenities. No good stores, no huge concerts, no massive amusement parks or skyscrapers. Now, I love it, for those very reasons.

With this newfound fascination for my home province, I was thrilled to be hired at a completely francophone organization, in St. John’s. As Tourism Development Manager for RDÉE TNL, I will be working in tandem with local and federal partners to ensure a maximum number of resources and tools are made available to Francophone tourists – 700,000 of whom visited Canada in 2012 alone. According to official statistics, the number of French-speaking visitors to Newfoundland is on a steady rise. As the world continues to modernize, more and more travellers seek simplicity – and simplicity is plentiful in Newfoundland.

In addition to my work with tourism partners, I will be in charge of revamping the www.tourismetnl.ca website, updating the visitor’s guide and handling the social media accounts related to tourism.

Promoting my majestic home province to foreigners is something I do voluntarily, and regularly. The opportunity to do so in my second language means the 12 years of studies and French-language séjours that took me away from my home province are exactly what brings me back here. I use these experiences on a daily basis at RDÉE TNL, in hopes of inspiring others to come live the Newfoundland and Labrador dream – a dream I don’t plan on waking up from anytime soon. :)