SimpleCell cellular infrastructure project update in Mainland and Three Rock Cove

St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador


Bell Mobility submitted a Crown Land application to lease land in Three Rock Cove in October 2019 for cellular infrastructure.  This infrastructure is to provide cellular service to Mainland and Three Rock Cove.  This application presented issues with the Department of Transportation and Works’ Highway Management Policy.  We therefore needed to shift the location of the infrastructure to meet those requirements.  Transportation and Works visited the site on January 30, 2020.  This shift in infrastructure location has since been confirmed by Bell Mobility, the Crown Land application will now be reactivated and processed.


Bell Mobility installations are compliant with health guidelines set by Health Canada. For more information, please follow the below links:


Information on RF Energy


Information on telecommunication networks, public consultation and health and safety


Wendy Brake, RDÉE TNL’s west coast employee who has been responsible for the cellular service project since its inception will be taking a leave of absence effective February 19, 2020. RDÉE TNL will be hiring someone to take her place and to ensure movement on the project.

The cellular infrastructure project is RDÉE TNL’s top priority. With our partners, the cellular service committee and Bell Mobility, we are committed on working together to ensure the project’s quality in Wendy’s absence.

Update : Cellular service project in Mainland and Three Rock Cove

SimpleCell Infrastructure to provide cellular service in Mainland and Three Rock Cove.

St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, November 12, 2019  –


The Newfoundland and Labrador Francophone Economic Development Network, RDÉE TNL, continues to work with Bell Mobility and the provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation to install the cellular infrastructure in Three Rock Cove.  This infrastructure will provide cellular coverage to the communities of Mainland and Three Rock Cove.  An application has been submitted to Crown Lands to obtain the land required in the district in order to supply the mentioned coverage area.

To date, we have been informed that this necessary process has a different completion time than the first option which was to lease the land for the project. The land requested is located in the photos below:

We will communicate further information as soon as we have it.


The funding campaign for cellular service in Mainland and Three Rock Cove has reached its objective.

St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, June 26, 2019 – The Newfoundland and Labrador Francophone Economic Development Network (RDÉE TNL) and the Mainland and Three Rock Cove Cellular service fundraising committee are proud to announce that they have reached the goal of their fundraising campaign for the installation of the SimpleCell infrastructure in the region.

This ambitious project began in 2016, following a community consultation in which the need for cellular coverage was identified as the community’s priority.

In September 2018, following a call for bids, the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador awarded RDÉE TNL its financial support to cover an important percentage of the project through its Cellular Services Pilot Initiative.

In August 2018, determined to take matters into their own hands, community leaders formed a fundraising committee for cellular service to organize parties, auctions, and solicit donations from businesses from the entire province and from local organizations.

And on June 1st, 2019, following the sale of tickets for CBC’s Inside the Circle concert and the contribution of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority  through its Community Investment Program, the 15% of the community’s total contribution of almost $ 80,000 was finally raised.


A new step taken

It is now five hundred people from the two communities served who will finally be able to communicate over a wide area, satisfy their need for increased security, develop local tourism, keep their youth in the region and maintain their minority Francophone community.

« It has been an honor to work with the Cellular fundraising committee and it is wonderful to see their hard work pay off, knowing that these efforts will bring positive results in the community. »

Wendy Brake, Economic Development Officer for RDÉE TNL in the Western Region


Three and a half years of hard work and collaboration with the government, service providers, partners, businesses and local organizations were needed to achieve this funding goal. We would never have gotten here without the generous contributions of all.

For a complete list of contributors, visit the campaign site, C’est not’tour / Out turn to connect, in the “Contributions” section:

Cellular reception in Mainland and Three Rock Cove


In 2016, RDÉE TNL hosted a community consultation in Mainland to determine the needs of the community.  The main priority highlighted by the community was the need for cellular reception. Since this date, RDÉE TNL has established a working relationship with Bell Mobility.

The opportunity

In May 2018, the provincial Government department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation announced the Cellular Service Pilot Initiative call for proposals. RDÉE TNL was one of three successful in obtaining this funding. SimpleCell infrastructure will be installed and the total project cost is $461,062 +tax, with $69,159 + tax coming from the community.

SimpleCell is a new form of technology, it is the best suited technology to provide service to these communities.

SimpleCell technology has a battery backup of 30 minutes in power outage, unlike a 6 hour battery of a larger tower.


The fundraising

The fundraising committee has $48,780.79 to date.  Thank you to every person and business for their donations. A special thank you to our local non-profit organisations for their contributions!


A shout out to your neighbours for making this happen, specifically the fundraising committee:

Dwight Cornect
Rose Marie Gallant
Zita Hinks
Nina Tourett Retieffe
Gayle Marche
Martina Cornect
Ronalda Lainey


*This document was prepared for you by RDÉE TNL and the cellular service fundraising committee.