Cellular reception in Mainland and Three Rock Cove


In 2016, RDÉE TNL hosted a community consultation in Mainland to determine the needs of the community.  The main priority highlighted by the community was the need for cellular reception. Since this date, RDÉE TNL has established a working relationship with Bell Mobility.

The opportunity

In May 2018, the provincial Government department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation announced the Cellular Service Pilot Initiative call for proposals. RDÉE TNL was one of three successful in obtaining this funding. SimpleCell infrastructure will be installed and the total project cost is $461,062 +tax, with $69,159 + tax coming from the community.

SimpleCell is a new form of technology, it is the best suited technology to provide service to these communities.

SimpleCell technology has a battery backup of 30 minutes in power outage, unlike a 6 hour battery of a larger tower.


The fundraising

The fundraising committee has $48,780.79 to date.  Thank you to every person and business for their donations. A special thank you to our local non-profit organisations for their contributions!


A shout out to your neighbours for making this happen, specifically the fundraising committee:

Dwight Cornect
Rose Marie Gallant
Zita Hinks
Nina Tourett Retieffe
Gayle Marche
Martina Cornect
Ronalda Lainey


*This document was prepared for you by RDÉE TNL and the cellular service fundraising committee.