RDÉE TNL greets a new agent!

The Newfoundland and Labrador Francophone Economic Development Network (RDÉE TNL) is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. Régis Guyot as their new Economic Immigration Officer.


Régis grew up totally immersed in international environments and quickly became passionate about traveling and multicultural settings.

After studying business and international relations in the United States, France and Sweden, he became a Commercial Counselor for the French Embassy in the US and helped French companies to export their products and create Franco-American partnerships.

He later became Commercial Director and Branch Operations Director for various hotel chains in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, and actively participated in the economic development of the Dominican Province of El Seibo.

Régis is delighted to be participating in the economic development and employability of Francophone communities of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Feel free to contact Regis by email at immigration@rdeetnl.ca or by phone at (709) 757-2861 to welcome him!