SimpleCell cellular infrastructure project update in Mainland and Three Rock Cove

St.John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador


Bell Mobility submitted a Crown Land application to lease land in Three Rock Cove in October 2019 for cellular infrastructure.  This infrastructure is to provide cellular service to Mainland and Three Rock Cove.  This application presented issues with the Department of Transportation and Works’ Highway Management Policy.  We therefore needed to shift the location of the infrastructure to meet those requirements.  Transportation and Works visited the site on January 30, 2020.  This shift in infrastructure location has since been confirmed by Bell Mobility, the Crown Land application will now be reactivated and processed.


Bell Mobility installations are compliant with health guidelines set by Health Canada. For more information, please follow the below links:


Information on RF Energy


Information on telecommunication networks, public consultation and health and safety


Wendy Brake, RDÉE TNL’s west coast employee who has been responsible for the cellular service project since its inception will be taking a leave of absence effective February 19, 2020. RDÉE TNL will be hiring someone to take her place and to ensure movement on the project.

The cellular infrastructure project is RDÉE TNL’s top priority. With our partners, the cellular service committee and Bell Mobility, we are committed on working together to ensure the project’s quality in Wendy’s absence.